Shot through the heart

by Bullet Proof Lovers

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Kurt Baker: Vocals
Luiyi Costa: Guitars, backing vocals
Juan Irazu: Guitars, backing vocals
Gonzalo Ibañez: Bass
Joseba Arza: Drums

Wyatt Funderburk: Keyboards & Backing vocals
Kris Rodgers: Synth & Keyboards

Produced by Bullet Proof Lovers & Wyatt Funderburk.

Recorded at Bonberenea Studios Tolosa, by Karlos “Txap” Osinaga. November 2015

Mixed by Wyatt Funderburk at Nebulon II, Nashville, Winter-Spring 2016

Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mistery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, June 2016

All songs by Bullet Proof Lovers

Artwork and graphic desing by Aitor Ochoa
Photo by Egoitz Irizar

"Thank you to all our friends, family, rockers, rollers and everybody that has helped us out along the way. ROCK ON"


released February 14, 2017

Official youtube channel:

First Single Videoclip 'I am my radio':



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Bullet Proof Lovers San Sebastián, Spain

Donosti Rock n' Roll since 2014.

Kurt Baker (Kurt Baked Band, Leftovers)
Luiyi Costa (Txorlitohead, Lolas Club)
Joseba Arza (Brigada Criminal, Señor No, Ladislao)
Gonzalo Ibañez (Nuevo Catecismo Católico, La Perrera)
Juan Irazu (Discipulos de Dionisos, Gran Yate Especial)
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Track Name: I am my radio
Scanning through the dials I can’t find it
driving miles and miles, I won’t stop
Can’t explain the feeling when I heard it
but now i’m so much better, let’s drive on

Can’t tell if i’m living, but I bleed in stereo
breathing through the speakers, I am my radio
I am my radio

Static clouds the signals, hard to see
try my best to try and listen clear
want to feel as if i’m in the past
here is where i can only make it last

Oh just to get you to believe
everybodies looking for something to believe
Now i’m not trying to be some kind of leader
the message is all in the receiver
I am my radio

When it’s fading and i’ve lost control
the buzz sustaining now i’m on my own
I am my radio
Track Name: Ain't No Joke
I’m an invader ace
I’m keepin’ on strong
and i’ll tell it to your face
get back where you belong

I was Born in the gutter
in a lower west side
with a electro shock fever
i’m so hot and you know

If i’m down in a hole
there’s no doubt I will find you
better get outta here

Baby it ain’t no joke
I’m not foolin to be anybody
Baby it ain’t no joke

It’s the truth my hands aren’t bloody

You won’t regret me baby
Consider it a warning
Let’s go!

I’m third side of a coin
black hole in your soul
so devoid of feeling
magnetic to the core

If i’m down in a hole
there’s no doubt I will find you
better get outta here
Track Name: Not your toy
I’m not your playing card
i’m not your rubber ball
i’m not your spending cash
no, i’m your nothing at all

You really think you can walk over me
i’m not gonna let it happen you see
because i’m not your toy
not your toy

I’m your alibi
no i’m not your best friend
i’m not the kindess guy but
i’m a truthful man

I was a fool, a big fool
I feel for your charm
but if I knew what now I know
i’d would have raised the alarm

I’m not your pot of gold
i’m not your bowl of clay
i’m not a piece of trash
you can’t throw me away
Track Name: Heart of stone
Well I feel better in here
at least it aint so cold
I’ve been fighting for some air
but now you’ve loosened your hold

Yeah I feel better in here
No one is gonna break my soul
You can try to scale up the walls
But you won’t get past the door

This ain’t no cry for some help, you know
This ain’t no war, i’ve got peace on my own

With a Heart of Stone
I’ll aways be the one
Nothing will hurt me with a heart of stone
Track Name: Knock down the door
One night I thought I knew it all
Now it's changed and I'm starting to fall
Cuz I don't feel so good anymore
Yeah I'm not the person I was before

I'm slipping out of this routine
There's no place left to run
My mind is all torn up inside
The damage has been done

Yeah there's no other way

Gotta knock down the door
Gotta find something more
Baby I feel the need
Gotta knock down the door

Now the statics ringing in my ear
The noise is no longer loud and clear
Tried so long to convince myself
It's a feeling you can't ignore
Track Name: One last night
She worked the tables
A waitress at the bar
I was there to play cover songs
Wishing I was a star

As it happened every Wednesday night
she clocked out
cleared the empty bottles
Said lets take a walk outside

Felt something growing
But we had to hide
Now I know the feeling
If only another place and time

So hey girl
Give me one last night
To know the meaning
Hey girl
We need one last night
I can't stop dreaming of

You and me in love
Even if it's done
I try anything everything
Just give us one last night

She went back to her past in a month
Ingoring me as I played on
Forgetting everything that we spoke of

Time makes you want it
Even more then the past
Flashback to that moment
When you said we would never last but

Hey girl...
Track Name: Drive it outta control
Like a volt of high power
Like a rat in a sewer
You gotta scrap the bottom
to find something new

Drive it out of control
Gotta let it bleed
Drive It out of control
You gotta get what you need

Bright lines in tunnel vision
Broke glass falling from above
impact with no decision
You gotta keep it on the road
but don’t stay in control
You gotta keep it in your soul
Drive it our of control!

Like a match without fire
just waiting to burn
Like a nail in a tire
somehow we never learn

Drive it out of control
Gotta let it bleed
Drive It out of control
You gotta get what you need

Bright lines in tunnel vision
Broke glass falling from above
impact with no decision
You gotta keep it on the road
but don’t stay in control
You gotta keep it in your soul
Drive it our of control!

the longer I wait, the longer I let it go.
and the longer I think, the less that I really know
the longer we wait the longer we let it go
You better go drive it outta control!
Track Name: Can't let go
Thinking bout the good times I’ve shared with you
time goes by so fast that we hardly knew
can’t help but to hesitate, now fuck it all it’s too damn late
living in the past right from the start

Can’t Let Go
( Now that it’s got a hold, I know I can’t let go)

Thinking bout the bad times that i’ve shared with you
desperate times, don't wanna go back to
you said that you’ve changed since then
wanting to go back again
living in the past right from the start

Is it just my denial or is that the way it goes?
Cuz now I feel like i’m on trial
So I don’t know
I can’t let go
Track Name: Take it or leave it
Something going wrong around here
no one to trust, nobodies sincere
better grab what’s mine and head out on my own

Holed up in the city too long
grinding down just to carry on
gotta get some action gotta split the scene

I’m in for the attack
and I ain’t never coming back
so I gonna take it or leave it

Chances slim but I gotta stay bold
never liked to do what i’m told
so don’t misuse me baby for my weight in gold
Track Name: On overdrive
Raw 6 string guitar
Brand new corvette car
Closing out the bar
It's what I know

Solitary beast
Never on the leash
begging on your knees
That's how we roll

Feeling fine it's the time
Let's begin the show
It's a sin you won't win

Lose your mind
Can't control
On overdrive
Let it go
Cuz nows the time
And you know
I'm not only havin fun yeah..
When I got you on the run
You got nothing to show

Overdose of flith
Tragic teenage guilt
Rocket fuel bubble gum a go go
Track Name: All I want
Gimmie laughter gimmie something fun
Had enough of being so forgone
When the summer’s here
the bad times are all through
When the night is young
There’s nothing you can’t do

All I Want To Do is have a good time
when the musics loud we all loose our minds
All I want to do is rock everyday
All I Want…

Take a drive downtown and see the sights
with your girl you’ll be feeling alright
When the winters gone
We’ve chased our blues away
When the party starts
No sleep till the next day
Track Name: Radioactive Love
Hotter than Chernobyl
Yeah she's hot
My Blood turns green
And my skin starts to rot

Every time that I see her face
Atomic bombs go off
Radioactive love
Radio active love
Like deadly rain its fallin down
Radioactive love

We can't see cuz we got no eyes
But baby lets fall out
Radioactive love

Iaying in pool of toxic sweat
Until the hair falls of her head

Just like a Hiroshima queen
She my only dream
Radioactive love


My nerves are shot, got no control
There's Really no place I'd rather go

Ionizing my life away
We've gone insane